Contributions,Reviews,PR Policy


I regularly contribute to Great British Chefs 

Reviews,Events,Brand and Product Launches,Restaurant Reviews

I have reviewed products prior to being launched in the market, tried products sent to me by brands, by creating my own recipes and am open to reviewing brands and promoting them on various social media channels.

I will share my honest opinion of the brands that are sent to me for review and will clearly mention that the tradeoff requested by the company /PR agency.

I have attended events to promote brands,new product launches,restaurants and cookbooks and have promoted them using social media and written blog posts with photographs. I am open to attending food ,travel and lifestyle related events – restaurant and book launches,food festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions and other events and blogging about them ,sharing them on social media.


I am happy to work with PR and brands directly and do giveaways on my blog.

I will always write what I feel honestly and without bias , my views are my own and any information collected by way of running a promotion or shared while communicating with a brand or PR agency will be handled with discretion and in line with Privacy policies.


PR agencies and companies can contact me via email at  fruitsandveg {at}gmail{dot}com for food,travel and lifestyle related queries.

Thank You!


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