Pasta Please – Round Up July 2015

And yet another calendar month this year has flown past at lightening speed. The weather was brilliant over the weekend but it is acting up again… but don’t let the grey skies bring you down for I have a round up here of some really creative entries for the Pasta Please blog linky hosted by me last month for Jacqueline of Tinned Toms.

First up is a slimming world recipe for Spring Vegetable Orzo from a blog called Penelope’s Pantry. An easy to make recipe that Penelope has customised to make it dairy free, it is loaded with veggies. Great for using up any veggies lying around so a god way to prevent food wastage. What’s more is that it tastes good at room temperature too, Penelope recommends adding chopped tomatoes if you want to have this healthy and filling dish cold.

Up next is a moreish Pea and Mint Gnoochi Bake from Allotment2Kitchen – blog from a Welsh Vegetarian who has loads of vegan and vegetarian recipes. And girl when you say you have a small freezer I totally hear you! Me with my mini fridge freezer in a small but very cute flat – my little matchbox world – I too ALWAYS have frozen peas – ready for emergency meals. And kudos to her for not giving into cravings for chips but coming home and making this baked pasta dish with a crispy,golden cheese topping.

Orzo seems to be the popular choice this summer as the next recipe is a Sicilian Orzo with Cauliflower and Saffron by Kate of The Veg Space. The very mention of such a rich combination of ingredients and saffron roasted cauliflower has me hooked. She describes her dish as cross between a pasta and risotto – am sure that got your attention. Go Drool!

Shrimp pasta with spinach sauce topped with crispy Brussels sprouts from the blog Law students cook book is a perfect example of how a  great dish can be created with some imagination and ingredients that you have at hand. I especially like the way the brussels sprouts have been flash fried to a garnish, I love the sprouts and can eat them plain or in absolutely any form – well almost.

Pasta Please July 2015 round up - creative recipes

Pasta Please July 2015 round up – creative recipes

Top L -R – ClockwiseSpring Vegetable Orzo , Sicilian Orzo with Cauliflower and SaffronPea and Mint Gnoochi Bake and Shrimp pasta with spinach sauce topped with crispy Brussels sprouts

Easy Cheesy Pasta by Anitha of Veggiesome blog is a quick and easy pasta dish to rustle up when you need something delicious in a jiffy. Whole wheat pasta and cheese come together in lovely combination of flavours.

A bowl full of deliciousness is the first thing that I thought of when I saw this Slivered veggie and soba salad with maple tofu. A superb combination of Asian flavours this is a healthy and wholesome meal with no compromise on flavour. I especially love the whole avocado in there! I see myself making this for a weekend lunch soon.

Another fabulous money saver meal is the Pasta with tomato and bacon sauce from Jane at Onions and Paper blog. I simply adore thrifty recipes that combine leftovers, vegetables leaning towards being chucked out, store cupboard cans lurking at the back of a drawer and other odd things which can spare you the guilt of ordering a takeaway when faced with an empty fridge staring back at you when you know tummies are rumbling.

Hot smoked salmon, fennel and pea pasta by Linzi of Lancashire Foods is a another quick to put together dish. The hot smoked salmon is something hubster and me love too.I love the sound of adding fresh garden fennel fronds which I imagine will add a fragrant touch to this comfort food.

Pasta Please July 2015 round up - inspiring recipes

Pasta Please July 2015 round up – inspiring recipes

Top L -R – Clockwise:  Slivered veggie and soba salad with maple tofuEasy Cheesy PastaPasta with tomato and bacon sauce and Hot smoked salmon, fennel and pea pasta.

Thanks to all the bloggers who linked up their creations to Pasta Please for July 2015 and I hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as I did. And last but not the least thanks once again to Jacqueline who blogs at Tinned Tomatoes for letting me guest host the food blog linky challenge.






9 thoughts on “Pasta Please – Round Up July 2015

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely write up, it was really kind and sweet of you. Lots of lovely pasta recipes here , I am off to have a nosy of them. Once again, thank you so much for hosting.

  2. Pasta is an astonishing thing – we never seem to get tired of it. Pea and mint gnocchi sounds perfect for a summer supper dish.

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