Hot,Pink and Fresh Off the Grill !

Hot Off the Grill ! – Hot Pink Healthy Grill ,Wimbledon – review – New kid on the Block

Whoa! Did I just read the words Healthy and Grill together ? Or was it just my rumbling tummy playing tricks on my mind ?

It was out of sheer curiosity to find out what this new place on the Wimbledon High street was that we dared step in, Back in September last year the place had hardly opened about a week ago and my ma in law was visiting. She was most thrilled to know that there was even a healthy eating out option available after the onslaught of pub food, italian dinners and a host of other places I have dragged her to 🙂


The interiors are very welcoming with the huge armchairs that you can sink into but they were taken – obvious as they are next to a miniature book shelf – ideal seating I’ d say!



Image Credit : Hot Pink

And the many odd and ends as artifacts scattered around seem to add to the character of the place apart from the POP pink colour which is their general colours scheme.

The menu is quite neat too, the concept is pick a main, choose one of the sides and a sauce served on the side and to tempt you further with the promise of only 150 calories there is a skinny custard too! Perfect if you are watching your weight , looking at a healthy eating out option 0r simply being good and not negating all those hours in the gym or worse still spent running out in this fabulous weather aye?!

I was quite pleased to see a side of sweet potato wedges as well – just what the world has been waiting for I say! And if your guilt conscience is on a perpetual vacation like mine is then their award-winning chocolate brownie is what you should be ordering – pronto!

We shared some grilled chicken wings with a Hot Pink Sauce ,quite scrummy and juicy.

So ma was really good  and ordered a Grilled Salmon and Caesar salad (not the very best I’ve had I must admit ….) while the hubster went for chicken skewers and a side of roasted veg and I got myself a Cumberland sausage with the sweet potato wedges.


1-20130906_201435 (Copy)

2-20130906_201547 (Copy)

3-20130906_201555 (Copy)

I made the mistake of ordering some Hot Pink Cola which is pretty weird to taste,maybe next time I will try one of their skinny slushes or the Hot Pink Lager made using just barley,hops and water humm.

1-Hot Pink dinner with aai

So lets see on a really hungry evening  you could spend anywhere between £16 to £20 ( a whole sea bass in garlic and herb sauce with brown rice and lentils side for £13 with a  brownie for dessert  £5 and a fizzy £2.5) per head for a healthier than usual 3 course meal and a drink,not bad eh?

Need more reasons – umm lemme see – Breakfast can look like that :


Image Credit : Hot Pink

Takeaways available,Lunch deals at £6 ,a  loyalty programme and cheesecake on the menu 😉


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Square Meal


11 thoughts on “Hot,Pink and Fresh Off the Grill !

  1. Love the book decor. I remember an Italian restaurant I ate in years ago in a part of he United States where you usually didn’t find people of Italian heritage. The small rural restaurant had bookshelves full of paperbacks. You were welcome to read a book while you waited for dinner. It closed years ago but was open for many years and introduced a lot of natives to Italian food.

    • Yes me too the book decor really pulls people in I think! Oh that sounds like a lovely little place, I love Italian food myself and I like the sound of a small,personal space with honest good food!

  2. This sounds like a lovely place. I love the idea of the books too. Gives it a warm, homey feel. The pictures of the food are awesome, and I imagine the taste was even better. The prices were not too bad either. It looks like they have a nice selection. I would go there! Thanks for the great review!

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