Masemari – The Fishing – Seafood heaven in Pune City

Masemari is owned by Lalan Sarang , a well know Maharashtrian Big Screen and Theatre actress and is situated in the heart of Pune city and is fine example of Malvani,Konkani and Goan cuisine with a comprehensive menu. An ode to the finest that coastal cuisine from Konkan and Goa has to offer!

Western Indian Coastal cuisine and the way our family cooks  sea food, involves the use of freshly grated coconut in abundance.We also don’t shy from using chillies lots of them red and green and freshly ground coriander chilli,ginger and garlic are used as a marinade for fish before frying. So if discerning  foodies like us who know our coastal cuisine go out to eat similar food, the place better know what they are serving us!Especially if it involves travelling from one end of the city on a crisp winter morning and when we could easily have waltzed into Nisarg our all time sea food speciality fav restaurant.

So are you ready to go on a visually stimulating coastal adventures on the tall swaying coconut tree lined coast of India , into the beautiful waters of Konkan and treat your senses to a tantalising deluge of spices …well then Strap on that seat belt for a ride on this fishing powerboat …no no … what the heck…just Dive right in 😉

We start the meal with Sol Kadhi (pronounced Soul Kadhee) made from freshly squeezed coconut milk and kokum (Mangosteen) , said to have digestive properties and consumed as palate cleanser between courses.

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A prawn platter which is a mix of Rawa ,Tawa,Koliwada and crispy prawns.(rawa = semolina ,Tawa =pan,Koli = fisherman, Wada= literally meaning a huge old style indian house like a bungalow, but Koliwada refers to a colony of Kolis or fishermen folk  in India)

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Bangda (Mackerel) Fry…I love anything served anything on a keli-paan (kela = banana ,paan = leaf)

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Fish Pickle as a side

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For mains we ordered Tandool Bhakari or Indian bread made with rice flour (the white roti in the picture) , Wade – made from a mixture of 3-4 different flours and deep fried (the brown puffy puri),Pompfret curry.

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I loved the clean fresh white washed walls and huge artefacts that scream fish,fishing and fishing boats. The service is polite , quick and the fish is as fresh as the catch of the day, we went in hope of getting crabs – lots of them , alas …. I live in the hope of a ”next time”

After this fine meal I still dared to consume a gulab jamun and some more sol kadhi! I literally crawled to where Baba had parked the car and that afternoon oh boy ! Did I have a fab nap or what 🙂

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1-3rd Nov'12 Saturday Masemari Pune with aai baba

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