Tenshi,Angel – Review

Craving some Tempura, on  very cold and rather windy winter evening in London, my friend N and I found ourselves at Tenshi – a Japanese restaurant in Angel,London. Guess we were guided there by our guardian angel given that Tenshi is Japanese for an Angel 🙂

To kick the hunger pangs coming in thick and fast , after we finally managed to get a table (it’s generally busy so better to book on the weekends), we started off with Nasu Dengaku which is Seared Aubergine with miso paste and sesame – absolutely delicious and very very morish,a portion of the inside out roll – rice on the outside comes in 6 pieces and disappears really quickly but the best starter was the soft shell  crab in a  delicious batter deep fried – you just eat the whole crab – no wasting any part of the crustacean – quite something considering we spend hours ploughing through a regular crab for example.

Below:Nasu Dengaku

2-2014-01-31 21.19.15 (Copy)

Below: Soft Shell Crab

1-2014-01-31 21.19.07 (Copy)

By now I have rather quickly downed my Aloe Vera drink , while N choose to have some Japanese Beer -Asahi – a smart choice I say and great company to her main  Pumpkin Korroke Curry – Pumpkin croquettes with Japanese curry and rice-served in a  very generous portion size as you can see.

3-2014-01-31 21.46.36 (Copy)

While I choose the Katsudon – Deep Fried Pork cooked with egg on rice , admit the pork was a bit chewy but delicious all the same.

4-2014-01-31 21.47.21 (Copy)

My friend N and I were meeting after a really long time and had loads to catch up on , so being seated in a tiny restaurant with hardly any space between tables I had my doubts. But I must say that the food was so marvellously tasty and the service so good, polite and quick I am going back for certain! So if you are around Angel and looking for a a good evening eating out on a budget – head to Tenshi for some cracking tempuras and decent wine and if you want to eat on a budget then skip the starters and alcohol and order one of the wholesome mains with a beer or a soft drink and keep your bill per head under £12, not bad for an evening out on a budget I say!

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Square Meal


22 thoughts on “Tenshi,Angel – Review

  1. What an interesting and unusual meal. I haven’t tried any of these dishses, but the surely do look good.

    • Thank you Janice, yes interesting it was Indeed and I will be experimenting with soft shell crabs soon but my absolute fav was the aubergine , such a gret combo of flavours in there!

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