Verde and Company Ltd, London – Review

What I love most about London is the abundance of quaint cafe’s , no matter which part of the city you choose to wander around in, you are certain to stumble into at least one really pretty ,local cafe that is just begging you to walk in and have a cuppa and that tempting slice of cake or two 🙂

On one sunny and wonderful afternoon last year my two foodie buddies S and N decided to wander the streets around Spitalfields after a glorious lunch at DISHOOM- Shoreditch (review to follow soon!), after a browse through the many pretty shops around we had to rest our tired feet and there it was Cafe Verde with these beautiful wicker baskets hanging on the walls outside calling us in, our feet automatically moved towards the place – honest!

The first thing I noticed when we were inside was this brilliant display of bottled jam jars and a bust with a backlight , it looked so divine…

20130711_172220 (Copy)


Everything about this tiny cafe was warm and welcoming including the polite staff at the counter.I couldn’t stop taking pictures at this cute cafe with some really stunning displays!

IMG_3337 (Copy)

The optimum utilisation of ever nook and cranny of this compact little cafe is really impressive

IMG_3340 (Copy)

We did manage to curb our desire for more cake but it was very difficult – I mean just look at that cake !

IMG_3341 (Copy)


We pretended that we were on holiday in Paris and posed outside the cafe for pictures…errmm no way not sharing those pictures 😉

If you are around Spitalfields for work or pleasure and need time to recharge your batteries then THIS is the place !

IMG_3344 (Copy)


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14 thoughts on “Verde and Company Ltd, London – Review

    • True that, I love independant and small cafes and the personal touch from the owners, there is so of the owners imagination , effort,hard-work and love that goes into this!It’s beautiful.

  1. London has a fab assortment of cafes and bars. I’m really interested to hear your view of Dishoom, I loved the Covent Garden one, but I’ve been told Shoreditch is even better

    • Yes I do agree with you Fiona.Oh vice-versa I have never been to the one at Covent Garden.I checked out DISHOOM on their website (while researching them for my series of articles on Irani Cafes in India and London) and one look at the photos of the Shoreditch branch and I was hooked.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous wee cafe to me. I love nothing more than whiling away an hour or two with a decent cuppa and a slice of homemade cake. Sadly doesn’t actually happen very often!

  3. I love finding a good cafe too, and love the idea of hiding in oen with a good book every now and then (although it never actually happens!)
    Janie x

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