Notes from Food Blogger Connect -FBC’5

I wanted to write this as soon as FBC’5 was done, didn’t want to wait a whole year to write a ”this week last year” piece like I did for last years blogger connect;) Well that’s one of the things that happens when you meet so many like minded foodies, they inspire you! Am going to try and add some snippets of each day here, hope they take you on a journey of sorts.

Day1 #FBC5: 

High on excitement and anticipation we all meet What better way to kick start the foodie bloggy weekend than with a Food Photography Workshop with Penny De Los Santos, an award wining internationally photographer (to quote from her website) from across the pond. Pennys workshop really gave me insight on how to use  light and I loved the way we could go clickety click and try our hand at different angels and all the while resist the temptation to eat the food beautifully styled by the gorgeous Emily Jonzen. I had a mini shock after the photography session was done as there was a large crowd of all the lovely bloggers who had assembled in the beautiful venue Battersea Arts Centre and were already well connecting. One thing that really came out strongly at this years Food Blogger Connect was the feeling of community , after all FOOD is a great conversation starter! Other highlights of the Day 1 were the panel discussions with David Lebovitz and Niam of food and travel blog  Eat Like a Girl. Niamh took us through a virtual tour of Canada alongwith Nim from the Canadian Travel Commission, am certainly hoping I can go there someday soon just to have the beers which have some very shall we say ”creative” names,Sparkling Ice Wine and of course Poutine.

  • Aoife Cox of The Daily Spud gave a an entertaining insight into how to create a niche blog by thinking creative .
  • My Takeaway from the speakers of Day1 #FBC5
  • David Lebovitz – ”Explore your Flaws”
  • Karen Burns Booth on getting Published in magazines ” Develop a niche and make your recipes stand apart from the rest”

Ate sushi with a twist from Dorshi Sushi who use pearl barley , now my mum would love to hear that, she’s been big on the benefits of Pearl Barley for years now! love how they use unusual ingredients and create Asian flavours, the horseradish dip was packed a powerfull punch high on taste.

Absolutely drool worthy cheese counter from La Fromagerie had one exotic cheese called Picos de Europa (Valdeon) ,described by their team as:
”Cow’s milk blue cheese covered in vine leaves, with Goat’s milk added at times of year when it is more readily available. A rich and creamy cheese with well spread blue moulds and a tangy taste similar to Roquefort.”
Penny & Emily
(Penny De Los Santos at her Photography Workshop and Emily Jonzen of Leiths School of Food and Wine dressing up plates of food)
Fruit Plate - food photography workshop
How to photograph Meat - food photography workshop
Good Angels for capturing food - food photography workshop
Day 1 FBC5 - Street Food
(In the pic above – Day 1 FBC 5 Street Food – Clockwise from Top Left -@LaFromagerieUK  cheese to die for , @eatdorshi – Sushi made using pearl barley @Luchito_mexico loved their chilli honey,@pigahic Thai Street Food)

Day 2 #FBC5 :
Power packed with great speakers, rooms charged with electricity as bloggers ”connect” and Bethany’s book launch – The Jewelled Kitchen Souk 
  • Penny De Los Santos session about Food and culture was a delightfull to begin Day 2 with. Listening to Penny speak it took me on a journey through all her many exciting and some dangerous adventure assignments. I loved her pictures with Madhur Jaffery the most.Emily Jonzens session on food styling gave us so many valuable usefull tips for food styling and presentation.
  • David Lebovitz’S  Speed Blog session created quite a stir! Kerstin @MrsMarmiteLover was a powerhouse speaker, she really has done it all – from Underground farmers market, to working at as a chef at an ”anarchist vegan restaurant” , successfully starting a supper club when it was unheard of and ofcourse writing a blog and a book!The most important she said was how we women need to empower ourselves by ensuring we make a living,she is such a fine example of entrepreneurial spirit ,hats off you ye gutsy lady!
  • Felt I was back in college with the session of recipe writing by @AlisonBolus, so much to learn! There was very sound advice on Gluten free recipes from Holly of @PureTastePopUp and Adriana of Gluten Free 4 kids.
    • Some of the food bloggers who have published their own books came forward to share their experiences , I loved watching the video by Juls Kitchen it took me on a Food Journey through Toscana!
On the STReat Party front
The saviour from the hot hot sun was definitely the peppery ice cream by The Peppermongers , I went back for seconds at  Luchito Mexico their  Honey dip was irresistable! @eddiechillijam thank you for the cute sample bottle am waiting to use in some fresh fish recipe that’s stuck in my head.
@PetitGateau_UK had the most lovely pop up stall and generously shared their sweet treats with us hungry bloggers.
FBC5  Day 2 pop up street food stalls
(In the pic above Clockwise from top left to right – @RenBehan put together tasty treats on her Polish Pop Up Stall – @MyPolishKitchen, Adriama Rabinovitch’s Book Gluten free 4 kids is displayed with some gluten free cookies – they were really tasty , the food bloggers mingle during break time, @TerraRossaUK had a pop up stall for their exquisite Exquisite Arabian products)
Day 2 FBC5 Street Food
(In the pic above Clockwise from top left to right -@PetitGateau_UK , @peppermongers regale us with their wares  , @ lidgates Butchery Demo in progress , @eddiechillijam what a  superb chillie jame umm! , @Chobani_uk kept us going even in the hot sun with their fat free delights)
The evening was a sparkling event with @Bethanykd and the launch of her first cook book – ” The Jewelled Kitchen”, mega feast with a massive  barbecue and lots of wine, it set the mood for a relaxed evening where everyone mingled shared their life and the whole conference like feel of day 1 melted into this big happy college fest kind of gathering.
Superb Barbecue for Bethanys Book Launch
Mood on a upswing,swing in my step I walked to the station with my new found friends.
Tumbling into Day 3: Back to Battersea arts centre, I felt I was going to meet a bunch of pals for a Sunday brunch
  • Dana who sells Virgin Argan Oil has really helped fan the tiny flame of ideas that sits deep inside and looks for an open window where it can sit and feed it’s desire for oxygen, if I ever turn into an entrepreneur I will never forget all of Dana’s valuable advice!
  • Dana of @Arganic_UK ”Take a crazy holiday wid fellow foodies,put urself out there, research ur golden business idea”
  • Regula or @missfoodwise to the world walked us through her world of perfect branding and creating well researched identity
  • Regula speak: ”If an AD is UGLY, don’t put it on your blog!”
On the STReat Party front
@Africanvolcano is the real deal with a tasty filling burger dripping with a mind blowing spicy sauce , I am glad I took bits if chicken and pork in mine!
@FunkyChickenVan loved the van, so vintage.
Day 3 FBC 5 David & Bethany
(David Lebovitz and Bethany share a laugh while they announce the lucky winners of the give aways)
A blog post about Food Blogger connect would be incomplete with a mention of the bloggers I connected with.It was great catching up with Grace of A life unhurried again this year, I am glad we are friends, just one day together at FBC last year, you are such a warm person.I have made some really cool buddies, sharing our experiences of creating our food blogs understanding what drew us to blogging and what is it that keeps us going.
Loved meeting all of you :
  • Renne of Kitchen Conundrum who flew in from NY
  • Sadia from Baking Elements who is a techie geek,a baker , a mum and a part time GP- PHEW !
  • Morgan from Atlanta,Georgia who blogs at Peaches Please! (Morgan and her mum flew down from across the pond to be at FBC 5, cool!)
  • The very sweet Eleni of On Top of Spaghetti
  • The lovely blogger from Montreal Andree Ann who blogs at lavoiealabouche and like me is a food and travel blogger – Ann you must do that post we talked about – husshh am not mentioning it here!
  • Petra who blogs at Food Eat Love
  • Kelly was another blogger who was very warm and was great meeting her again this year at FBC, I love her blog Kellies Food To Glow
  • Jackie Lee thank you so much for the brownies, hubby is still raving about them! Jackie is a Private Caterer and a Pastry Chef and blogs at I am a feeder. I loved how Jackie has used her logo as a sticker label for branding, good job girl!
  • Artemis Tsipi who blogs at Wonder Food Land 
  • Carla who blogs at  Can be bribed with Food
  • Marica it was great talking about Indian Cuisine with you, her blog Cooking with Marica is in Italain , I like her Instagram feed!
  • Elena the Greek Food Blogger shared her interesting foodie adventures with us,she blogs at Elenas Cooking
  • Janie who blogs at Hedgecombers has also published her first e-book called Project Egg
  • It was great fun chatting with Karen who’s blog I’ve been reading for a long time, love her photographs and writing style, her blog if you don’t already know is called Lavendar and Lovage
  • Fiona who Blogs at London Unattached 
  • Danni who blogs at Hungry Healthy Happy has an incredible personal journey to share, I am so looking to her for inspiration for weight loss!
  • The lovely Bintu who blogs at Recipes from a pantry. She is a mum, works and blogs, how do you do it girl?!
  • Vanesther’s blog Bangers and Mash has great pictures and even better recipes!
  • Helen who a baker since she was 10 blogs at The Diary of a Cake Maker
  • Nayna the veggie blogger who blogs at Simply Food
  • Jacqueline, the scottish vegetarian as she’s called on her blog Tinned Tomatoes
  • Louisa who currently blogs at Chez Foti soon to become Eat your Veg
  • Sylvia who blogs at Happiness is homemade
  • Tinas blog is called The Spicy Pear, how cute a name!

3 whole days of meeting and chatting with food bloggers from all over the world, eating some really tasty food at the street stalls like all good things had to come to an end. Have new personal favourites on the food front – Chobani’s delicious thick strained yogurt which is TOTALLY fat free!Moose’s Maple butter which is super smooth , tasty and spreadable ummm 

Some of us bloggers just happened to stroll into this beautiful pub on it’s very first day of business ,it’s just opposite the venue,go check it out someday folks, we were treated to some handmade pasta!

Day 3 FBC 5

A special Thank you to @JaxCocoUK your coconut water kept me hydrated over the hot summery weekend , to @LavazzaUK for helping me kick start my days with much needed caffeine, I am so NOT a morning person , Grace and Sadia am sure will grin ear to ear when they read this bit ! Also @Tyrells crisps and @Joeandseph posh popcorn  for providing munchies for all those in between main meal hunger times 😉 Ofcourse @Chobani_UK made all the sessions just that much more interesting!

20 thoughts on “Notes from Food Blogger Connect -FBC’5

  1. What a FABULOUS post about FBC5! You have covered everything so well and so eloquently and your photos bring back happy memories and flavours too! It was lovely to meet you and I know we shall meet again soon! Karen 🙂

  2. Phew! What a great write up, you must be exhausted!
    You know the saddest thing about reading your memories, is that the majority of the bloggers you mentioned I never got a chance to meet. All I did for 3 whole days was introduce myself to folk, and look how many I missed!
    Janie x

    • hahah Janie I sure am exhausted typing but the pictures really send huge waves of nostalgia around me! I am lucky to have met so many warm people and it’s amazing to meet so many like minded people and feel normal talking about our common obsessions, I certainly don’t feel I am going mad anymore when I click a zillion pictures of my food before it goes stone cold,hahaha am sure hubster thinks differently though!
      No worries you can visit all this lovely blogs and get chatting!Ur link is coming up soon!

  3. hey
    what a great blog post and way to cover the event! It was so lovely to meet you and all the others and share experiences 🙂

  4. Hi Manjiri, what an interesting and well-written piece: I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for the kind mention; ’twas lovely to have met you.

  5. You’ve just reminded me of how much there was going on at FBC (and of some of the people and food that I clearly managed to miss, despite being there for the whole weekend!). Was lovely to meet you there and glad you enjoyed the niche blogging talk, it was a fun presentation to do (and hopefully useful for folks too).

  6. What a great post. It has made me stop for breakfast, as all the Chobani-maple-fromagerie-luchito talk has made me hungry. Your photos capture the fun and beautiful food of the weekend so well! I didn’t get to meet some of the names you mention here – great to have their links here to discover new blogs. Well, will just have to go back next year! Was very nice to meet you at FBC5.

    • Hello there! well that was worth writing indeed cause I for one cannot live without having a good breakfast or maybe I am just a foodie lol! Love ur blog ! Good Luck with the Supper Clubs! Hope to pop in someday for one! Lovely meeting u at FBC5 and yes we shall meet next year too!Cheers!

  7. Lovely to meet you! And, what a great write up. As the naughty girl of the class who skived the first day and arrived late on the second two days, it’s great to get this overview of what I missed


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